Further Education

You may like studying in Cyprus  so much that you simply cannot get enough of the  local life style and education. In that case, you could decide to continue your studies in Cyprus. If you just graduated from an English Secondary school or a Higher education institution in Cyprus,  luckily, there are plenty of opportunities if you want to stay here!

There are over 150 Higher education programmes taught in English for International students. If you have obtained a diploma and you want to continue your studies and apply for another study programme, you need to extend your residence permit. This applies, for example, if you have a bachelor’s degree and want to study for your master’s degree. Or if you have Apolytirion  (school leaving certificate ) from an English school in Cyprus and you want to study in a Bachelor’s programme.

International students are allowed to study in Cyprus  for a maximum number of years, which is generally equal to the number of years of the study programme chosen.

Working in Cyprus

A Cyprus  diploma gives to an International student  endless possibilities to build up a successful future. The way of teaching, the education system and overall Cyprus culture  experiences will provide a great climate for developing skills and knowledge a student  couldn’t get anywhere else.

The main three industries with a high rate of employability are: Financial services and Banking, Tourism and Hotel Industry,  IT industry!

Working in another country

If you graduated from a Higher education institution in Cyprus and you want to leave  to return to your home country or move to another country, with a Cyprus  diploma in your pocket chances are that you will find a job within 6-12 months,  as our experience shows.

Your Higher Education Institution will issue  – upon request – a diploma description which can be helpful in explaining which study programme you have followed in Cyprus  and the value of the diploma you were awarded.

It provides your prospective employer, or a government agency or education institution insight into your qualifications and may improve your chances of finding work or gaining access to studies.