Why Study in Cyprus?

Reasons for Studying in Cyprus:

  • Quality education
  • Highly rated Universities
  • English High schools guarantee placement in Highly rated Universities
  • Highly qualified teaching staff -graduates of UK,  US,  European universities
  • Safe and Friendly environment
  • Affordable cost
  • English language environment – over 80% population  speak English . English is the language of Business.
  • Modern Teaching facilities and Campuses.
  • Higher education institutions closely linked to major industries.
  • Pleasant Mediterranean climate.
  • Preparation of students to work in today’s global marketplace.
  • Cyprus’ strategic Eastern Mediterranean location has been a key factor in turning the island into an international business, financial and shipping centre.
  • More than 1,000 international enterprises, including banks and shipping companies, are using Cyprus as a base and springboard for expanding their activities in the region and beyond.
  • Cyprus ranks among the world’s leaders in per capita university graduates, and incomes are among the highest in Southern Europe.

The Education in Cyprus

The standard of English schools and Universities  is very high with students from all over the world choosing Cyprus for their studies, and all  Cypriot educational institutions are accredited and Internationally Recognised .

The international dimension of education is important in Cyprus where international students receive a quality education in a safe, friendly environment at an affordable cost.

Cyprus Education Group can offer English  Education of high quality standards and is able to facilitate students with the necessary knowledge and skills to:

  • Enter an accredited higher education institution  in Cyprus and any other country worldwide. .
  • Work in a contemporary global marketplace.

The number of international  students in Cyprus has increased rapidly over the last ten years, reaching over 10,000 currently.

Cyprus currently has the highest percentage of citizens of working age who have higher-level education in the EU at 30% which is ahead of Finland’s 29.5%. In addition, 47% of its population aged 25–34 have university  education, which is the highest in the EU!

Pre-Primary education

Pre-Primary Education is compulsory for all children between 4 8/12 – 5 8/12 years old. Children are also accepted over the age of 3. This level of education aims to satisfy the children’s needs for the development of a wholesome personality in an experiential environment which enables them to recognize their capabilities and enhance their self-image.

Primary Education

Primary education is compulsory for all children over the age of 5 8/12 and has a duration of 6 years. The aim of Primary Education is to create and secure the necessary learning opportunities for children regardless of age, sex, family and social background and mental abilities.

Secondary Education

Secondary General Education offers two three-year cycles of education –  lower secondary education and upper secondary education – to pupils between the ages of 12 and 18.  The curriculum includes core lessons, interdisciplinary subjects and a variety of extracurricular activities.

Private Institutions of Higher  Education

The language of instruction at the Private Higher education institutions  is English for most of the programmes of studies offered, thus attracting scholars and students in a multicultural environment. The establishment and operation of such private institutions  is regulated by the corresponding law, according to which all such institutions should be registered in the Register of Private Tertiary Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education and Culture

What I Can Study?

Secondary education

In a secondary English  school, pupils may have the possibility to obtain  the following qualifications:

  • IGCSE & A Level’s (up to 5 subjects)
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma
  • Accredited School Leaving Certificate  (Apolytirion)
  • Foundation Courses in Fine Arts

Any one of  the above qualifications alone  or in  combination with Apolytirion guarantees admission to an accredited Higher education institution in Europe,  USA,  UK, Canada,  Australia!

Higher education

The Private Institutions of Higher  Education ( Colleges, Institutes, Academies) , were established mainly during the last 30 years. They are non-university institutions of higher  education, offering a wide range of academic and professional programmes of study at various levels as follows:

  • Diploma (One Year)
  • Diploma (Two Years)

University Programmes offered through Cyprus may lead to the following academic qualifications :

  • Bachelor Degree (Four Years)
  • Master Degree (One to Two Years)
  • Ph. D Degree  (Three Years)

Programmes of Higher education:

Currently,  there are over 150 programmes taught in English,  at Bachelor’s,  Master’s or PhD level.  Some of the most popular programs are indicated below:

  • Business studies (Management,  Marketing,  Finances,  Human resources Management, Accounting)
  • Hospitality Management,  Tourism
  • Economics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic engineering
  • Civil and Environmental engineering
  • Architecture
  • Information Technologies and Computer Science
  • English Literature Teacher of English  (TESOL)
  • Early years education and Primary education
  • International Law
  • Psychology
  • Biomedical sciences
  • Biology
  • Health Sciences (Nursing,  Physiotherapy, Pharmacy)
  • Medicine
  • Fine Art
  • Fashion design
  • Graphic design
  • Music ( creative production technology)
  • Digital Communications and Mass Media

Feel free to contact us, if you are interested in any of the above programmes or if you wish to clarify if any other programme you like is currently available.

English Language Courses

As part of the British Empire for over 80 years, Cyprus has a very high proportion of English speakers, with 80% using English fluently as their second  language. Given  a very closed bond with English language,  and coupled with our high academic standards, our Island has become during recent years an increasingly popular destination for English Learning.

Aside from the structured lessons, students are exposed to the English language through road signs, shop signs and menus, allowing them to practise what they have learnt whilst experiencing Cyprus and its sights.

Courses offered by the various schools in Cyprus vary, but most offer General English course , including ones accredited by Cambridge,  IELTS and TOEFL.

Other specialist courses, such as Business English and English for Special Purposes,  are available in some schools.

Some schools also offer one-to-one private intensive courses which can be tailored made to suit the needs of the student.

Most schools in Cyprus cater for young students ( 8-17 years old). Given that Cyprus is the safest country in the EU, parents feel comfortable with the idea of sending their children to one of our schools. In addition, all non adult students are accompanied all the time during various activities outside classroom!

Adult English Language  Programmes

English language programmes for adults, range from General English to specialised business as well as Ielts  exam courses. Adults may either join a group ( if available at the moment of booking )  or have a custom built course suited to their requirements.

All courses begin every Monday with experienced native English speaking teachers who use the latest teaching methods to improve students’ fluency and confidence in speaking English.

General English: From Elementary  to Upper Intermediate  level, 20 lessons a week.

General English Plus: From Elementary to Upper Intermediate level, 20 lessons each week,  with  5  lessons  per week focusing on verbal  Communication in daily situations.

One-to-One Tuition: From Beginners level upwards. The lesson structure is flexible and is designed for adults who wish to focus on their specific needs. Progress is monitored by the teacher regularly in order to ensure that everyone achieves their maximum potential.

All students  receive an accredited certificate at the end of their course.

A student of General English,  and GE plus  may begin a course  at any Monday!

IELTS intensive short course

What is IELTS? It is the world’s most popular  English exam which tests the level of English for all students 16 years of age and over. It is an exam required by Higher education institutions all over the world!

Who should take it? Students who are 16+.

How long is the course? Between 2-3 months depending on the students’ strengths and weaknesses.

When can the exam be taken? The examination is held almost  monthly. Application must be made one month in advance to secure a place. Our recommended course sessions are designed in such a way so that a student could take the exam during the last week of the course!

Dates of  Courses

We offer 4 periods of IELTS  courses as shown below.

21/11/16 – 11/2/17

12/12/16 – 4/3/17

16/1/17 – 8/4/17

13/3/17 – 3/6/17

The lessons will start approximately at 09:30 and finish at 13:00 with one 30 minute break in between the teaching hours. The lessons will be held from Monday to Friday.

Our Teaching Team

All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced  English language teachers who graduated from UK universities and   fulfill  the requirements of Ministry of Education.

The teachers all work together in order to  promote students’ participation through problem solving, questioning, discussion and project based activities.

All of our teaching staff are higly motivated , enthusiastic and most of all, passionate about teaching.

 Facilities & Group sizes

Our facilities were recently fully refurbished,  using latest teaching technology.

All our classes are equipped with split air conditioning, providing a very comfortable atmosphere that contributes to the effectiveness of teaching and learning!

Our policy is such that we maintain very small groups,  thus the range of students in each class is between 3-6 students. This gives the benefit of having more active participation for each student and more attention by the teacher.

 Transfer to Language School

As part of our service to our students,  we provide FREE of charge a public transport card so that our students could easily and in a convenient manner reach on time our school building!

 Cost of Courses

General English(GE) and GE plus : 20 lessons per week, including half day English immersion practice with activities out of school.Price from 195€/week
IELTS : 20 lessons per week, last week examination. Price from 185€/week
Cost of IELTS exam NOT included!


What’s Included :

  • 20 lessons per week
  • stationery and materials
  • transfer by public transport
  • visa to Cyprus
  • certificate of attendance
  • weekly English immersion practice & activities

Feel free to contact us, if you are interested in any of the above English courses.


Дарья«Being a student here gives you the opportunity to study in a friendly environment with very experienced lecturers. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with students from all over the world. Courses aim to explore both practical and theoretical aspects of the subject, maximising the opportunity for future employment. Studying English in Cyprus  is a smart choice for any student who chooses to pursue their studies in this particular field.»

Daria ,  Russia,  English language and Literature Student


Rozin«This Summer 2015 was my third time in English Quest camp and I really enjoyed the programme. The lessons were helpful. Our group leaders were funny and sociable and had great time altogether. The general atmosphere was so warm and friendly, and I never felt homesick!»

Rozhin, Iran, Summer camp


Алексей Рысинский«I love my  school because the lessons are enjoyable and always interesting. My teachers are always friendly and have helped me in getting used to a new school environment … Every day at the school is exciting, because there is always something new to do and learn…»

Alexey, Russia, English  Boarding School

Anna Kalyalina

I would like to thank Erasmus + program for giving me an opportunity of doing 6 months Internship in Barcelona. It is a great way to realize and understand what you want and who you are. Erasmus+ is giving you the chance to meet new culture, make new friends, start learning a new language, and experience all the advantages of living independent and many more other pluses. I would like to advise to every single one of you to live this experience. If you have the chance to do it, don’t think! Just do it!

Anna , Russia, Marketing, PR, and Advertising student

After consultation with Cyprus Education Group representative in 2012,  we were invited to a Study Tour to visit various English Schools in Cyprus. Why Cyprus and not UK?  Well, frequently we were asked by friends this question – safety,  friendly atmosphere,  wonderful climate with lots of sunny days, modern school and boarding  facilities,  welcoming school staff. Another interesting issue for our child was the possibility to continue studying Russian language.

The support to new international students starts immediately even before school starts, and in order to make the learning process more comfortable,  additional tutorials of English and Mathematics   are provided. Our son managed to adjust well during 1st term and successfully complete 1st year in the English school.

The school staff provide regularly reports about the progress of our son regarding all subjects, and we have the opportunity to meet various teachers a few times during the school year.

During weekends,  the students have the chance to rest and enjoy a cultural or other activities around Cyprus.

We are very pleased that we made this decision.  After 2 years of studying in Cyprus,  our son is very happy with his school and life in Cyprus!

Thanks on behalf of our son


Oksana, mother of Alexei,  pupil ,  English Boarding school.

Наталья групп лидерGreat organisation in  English Quest Summer programme, lovely time, well done!!! I will recommend this programme to other group leaders and definitely I will come back again!”

Group leader Natalia, Russia, Summer camp

АлександрThe rooms were very good, the food was excellent. The lessons were very interesting , including interactive game form.Generally, I had lots of fun in English Quest camp.

Alexander, 11 years old, Bulgaria, Summer Camp

DogmaraProgramme was perfect. Rooms were very nice with big beds. I loved lunches and dinners. Camp leaders were helpful and nice. I met a lot of new friends and it was the best holiday in my life

Dagmara, 16 years old, Poland, Summer Camp

АнастасияI lived in a beautiful town of Larnaka. Visited many interesting historical and other places, so I learnt many new facts. I hope to visit Engish Quest Camp again because of the very good teachers, staff and great friends from other countries!!!”

Anastasia, 15 years old, Russia, Summer Camp