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Who We Are:

We are a team of experienced education professionals. We are a Non-profit organization helping international students and their parents to:

  1. Objectively evaluate and select suitable for them university , High school or Language program
  2. Successfully register with the education program of their choice
  3. Prepare all documents for  student visa application
  4. Successfully obtain a student visa
  5. Correctly evaluate accommodation options and proceed with rental agreement
  6. Choose the right university program in order to increase employment opportunities in Cyprus or other countries.

For Agents

The Cyprus Education Group is committed to working with quality agents who cooperate with education institutions in other countries . We work with education abroad  agents, advisors, and consultants around the world promoting and supporting quality, professionalism and integrity in education.

If you are interested in becoming a representative agent for the institutions in our portfolio,  please feel free to contact  us by e-mail or Skype as shown below, and we will e-mail  you requested information and Agent’s Agreement for your consideration!


Taking into consideration such aspects as:
Response speed to your enquiries. We received swift responses from all Team of CEG.
Completeness of our replies to your enquiries Fantastic.
Support during application / booking / registration process We have been receiving a continuos support from CEG, it was pleasure to work with them during the 2015-2016.
Support in preparation for student visa application was excellent.

Team of CEG is trustworthy partner, have been  updating us with news and new programs. We are looking forward to out future cooperation.

Yulia, AgencyPartner, Moscow, Russia

“We have known Cyprus Education Group (CEG) and his junior language programs since 2014 and we send students to their camp in Larnaca every year. Our students and their parents value very high friendly atmosphere during classes and perfectly organised, fully involving activities. Dedicated staff is always helpful and took care of integration of all nationalities, that is esspecially important for individual students in age 10-13 years old, when they arrive without a group leader.

This summer we are going to have some students to English Quest Camp again and what is really important some of them are returning students as well. CEG is dedicated to building strong long-term working relationships with agents, listen to agent’s advices and market feedback. I would definitely recommend CEG and their programme of English Quest Camp to other international agents because it is  unique camp with a bit adventure for the competetive price!”

Paulina, AgencyPartner,Poland

“We have been working closely with Cyprus Education Group since 2013 now and were sending students to University studies as well as to summer camp . We found our cooperation fruitful and rewarding for both parties. We have never had any concerns with regards to completeness of replies to our enquiries and support during application. CEG has always been ready to support us in our marketing and exhibition events and these events contributed to growing popularity of educational institutions represented by team of CEG with our clients”.

Tatyana, AgencyPartner, Chelyabinsk, Russia

It is a pleasure for me to share my opinion about  team of CEG and our collaboration so far. So far, I have had only positive experience while working with CEG, as the communication is very fast,  respond very quickly to any enquiries we might have had. The booking and registration process is very fast and easy as well, and we have received very adequate response and attitude from you to any problem that could have arisen while our students were with you or throughout the application process.We are very grateful for your support and kind cooperation!Wish you a very pleasant, successful, busy and fruitful summer season full of many happy kids, parents and agents :)!

Rositsa, AgencyPartner, Sofia, Bulgaria


Contact details

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  • Antonios Vanezis
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1. What are the criteria for admission to an English school in Cyprus?

The main criterion for admission into a private English school is a Grade point average  (GPA) of 80% or higher.  To join an IB programme a GPA of 85% is required. The minimum level of English language is intermediate.

2. How far are the residence in boarding schools?

The distance of residential halls of the boarding school depends on the school choice. In a case of one school the dormitory is a 1 min walk,  in the case of another school is 15 min ride by school bus.

3. What do I need to pass  to be admitted to a boarding school?

Upon arrival,  a new student takes a placement test of English and Mathematics.  The results are used to evaluate the need of organising additional private lessons of English and Mathematics so that the student adjusts to the class level more comfortably.

4. Is university placement guaranteed upon graduation from English Secondary school in Cyprus?

Students of English schools are guaranteed an admission to a university of their choice,  given that their GPA of school leaving certificate is sufficient based on university requirements.

5. Are the university programmes recognised outside Cyprus?

The diplomas of higher education institutions in Cyprus are recognised internationally.

6. Do I need to pass IELTS or TOEFL to be admitted to a university programme?

English Language level is not a criterion for admission to a university programme. An IELTS or TOEFL exam is not a pre- requisite for admission. All universities offer their respective internal English language test. However,  those prospective students who already passed IELTS or TOEFL with minimum required grade,  they don’t need to take the internal English test. If the results of internal university English test are lower than required level,  then students should take an English preparatory course during 1st semester.

7. Can I transfer to a university programme from a university outside Cyprus?

Higher education institutions in Cyprus are accepting Transfer Students,  who have already studied one or 2 years in another country in an accredited university. Such transfer students can be accepted on the second or third year of study,  depending on the number of transferring subjects.

A Transfer Student may start studying in Cyprus in September,  February or June.

8. Can I transfer to a university outside Cyprus if I started my Bachelor’s study in Cyprus?

A student,  who started studying in one of the accredited higher education(HE)  institutions in Cyprus,  is able to transfer and continue his / her studies in any other accredited HE institution in another country.

9. Can I enter a Master programme if I finished a Bachelor programme outside Cyprus?

A prospective student who wishes to attend a Master’s programme in Cyprus ,  may do so,  as long as he / she has completed a first degree programme in an accredited HE institution.

10. Can I be admitted to a Master degree programme in Europe,  UK , USA or Canada if I complete successfully my Bachelor degree in Cyprus?

A student who obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Cyprus may be admitted to a university in Europe,  UK,  USA,  Canada according to university’s admission requirements.

11. Can I work during my study?

According to EU migration rules, a student may work part time  , 15 hours per week,  6 months after arrival in Cyprus.  During Summer break,  a student may work full time 40 hours per week.

12. What’s the cost of studying and living in Cyprus?

The cost of study you may find in the section Cost Of Study & Scholarships. Indicative prices of food and living expenses you may find in the section Living Expenses.

13. Am I allowed to work in cyprus after completing my study in a University in Cyprus?

Yes, it’s possible to stay for work.  At first , after getting a job offer, your employer will make arrangements to get a work visa. Once study finished,  then you will need to depart and once work visa is ready,  then you may return to start your employment.  Also, if you wish to stay in Cyprus for work,  it’s recommended to start job search a year before completing your study.

14. Which are the most popular professions in Cyprus?

4 spheres of the Cyprus economy where  professionals are very much appreciated and in demand:

  1. Tourism and Hospitality Management;
  2. Financial and Banking services;
  3. I.T.
  4. Shipping

15. Which extra curriculum  activities are possible,  available for students?

English Schools and Universities organise a great variety of entertainment activities for students such as,  students clubs , associations and Societies based on various hobbies and interests,  excursions,  movies nights,  sports competitions.  Most of such activities are either free or have a small fee of participation.

16. What if my student visa application is rejected?

In case of visa rejecting,  then the university will refund all payments made,  excluding administration fee and bank charges for transfer of refund.

17. Safety

The safety level in Cyprus is among the highest in the World,  and one of the safest countries in the EU.  For more information please see this independent study . world

Study tours Cyprus

We offer the opportunity to explore  a wide range of education institutions in Cyprus:

  • English schools  (Day and Boarding programme),
  • Colleges,
  • Universities.

Before making such an  important  decision to study , it’s best to get the maximum information.  Ideally having  own experience of Cyprus and the education will help a student and his/her family make the best proper decision . We focus on assisting , school pupils , graduates and undergraduate in this mission, by providing full package, all inclusive tours with a schedule designed to ensure that you see the very best of not only the education institutions which you may wish to apply but also the towns in which these institutions are based.


Universities at first hand, including classrooms, lecture theatres, sports facilities and libraries


from professors, lecturers and international students relevant to your intended course of study


the atmosphere in the local town or city –lets see which has the right vibe for you!